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Timewell Auctions are opening sales once again

Please note that out of concern for our staff and customers, we are asking that everyone wear a mask at pickup events.  If you forget yours we will have some available to you. All smaller items will be available curbside.


Estate Sale in St Thomas

This sale is NOW OPEN

September General Auction



Estate Sale in Oakville

This sale is NOW OPEN

Downsizing Auction in Ayr

This sale is now closed

Estate Auction for Dr. Pickett of St. George, This sale is now closed. 

We would like to thank the amazing Pickett family for once again allowing us to be part of their journey

A note from the Pickett family

Lindsay Randell

From the moment we first met your mom, yourself and the unbelievable crew of workers at my mom a dad’s place in St.George, we know we were involved with a special group of people. You see, mom and dad both loved beautiful things, and those things were part of their identity. Raised as children of the Great Depression, mom and dad saved everything. Dad loved auctions and, like many, found satisfaction in accumulating interesting things. It was both his love and his passion. He and mom also had a love of all types of art. It did not matter if it was from value village or and expensive gallery, they loved it all. When dad passed suddenly at age 86 in August 2020, and mom had to move into care with health issues, we needed to make sure these valued items got enjoyed by others. With six children (and many grand and great grand babies), your services became both vital and necessary. We knew the “stuff” had to be dealt with, as it had the potential to divide and overwhelm us. Yet, we also knew it needed to be logical and fair.

Enter Timewell and the team! You honoured the promises you made. You held six carefully constructed on-line auctions for our family. You treated my family with dignity and caring in a time of need and sadness. You answered when we called with questions. You treated all the belongings with dignity and advised what would have value and what was not going to sell well. At every turn you were responsive, accurate and professional. We want to thank you for your honesty, integrity and compassion at a time when we had to make some tough decisions. To all the Timewell staff and team, the Picketts say thank-you and it has truly been a pleasure doing business with you.

Matt Pickett (member of the “original six” as I have named myself and my siblings :) 

Liquidation Auction

This sale will open this week